Tea Cup in Cast Iron

Gary Langtry

Authorised Representative*

Gary Langtry has had over 23 years experience in the financial planning industry. The work he does is holistic. It brings together all the elements of financial planning disciplines. These include investment, insurance, superannuation, retirement planning, cashflow, borrowings, taxation and the use of legal structures to meet the requirements of clients. In essence, Gary acts as a Mentor who takes an overall view and provides advice on integrating and coordinating services to best meet the needs of his clients. He is an Associate of the Financial Planning Association.


Campbell Knox

Authorised Representative*

Campbell Knox has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Professionally, Campbell is committed to providing a comprehensive financial planning service, emphasising cash flow and asset management. He will help clients identify their lifestyle goals, and work with them on a regular basis to ensure steady progress towards meeting these goals. As part of a strong support team, Campbell helps to build a business based principally on referrals from satisfied clients who want their friends and colleagues to enjoy the same level of professional service and courtesy they have received.