Our Values

At WB we operate by a strong set of values in all of the work we do with clients and in our every day practices -

Honesty and Openness

We will be realistic, frank and direct in our discussions with you and need you to be the same with us.

Mutual Understanding

While we are the architects of the financial journey process, it is vital you understand our advice and how it can help you. In other words, “you” must “own” the strategies and commit to the advice process.


Achieving your goals will be a function of the strategies designed for you and your own behaviour in implementing them. We have a mutual responsibility to perform.

Lifestyle Choices

You pay us not only for what we do, but for what we know. Our role is to support you in achieving your objectives. This means we will help you enjoy the lifestyle choices that are important to you while guiding you through life’s challenges.

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