Our Process

At WB Financial, your financial Adviser will work closely with you to develop a clear financial plan. Your Adviser will review your total financial status and offer advice about what might make your assets work for you in the best way, taking into consideration your income, goals, objectives and attitude towards financial risk.

Implementing the strategy is only the beginning. Your WBF Adviser is committed to working with you over your lifetime. This approach means regular dialogue between you and your adviser. We see this two-way communication as both formal and informal understanding of you and your wealth creation objectives before putting in place an appropriate strategy.

Step 1. Find an Adviser

One you have found an Adviser in your area, a staff member will undertake some basic questioning to determine the type of advice you may require and how a WB Adviser can assist you.

Step 2. Issues and Concerns Phase

Once you have agreed to make an appointment, you will be sent an Issues & concerns document. This document gathers some important information that your WB Adviser will need prior to meeting with you in person. It will assist your Adviser to be properly prepared for your meeting.

Step 3. Relationship / Discovery Meeting

At this meeting, your Adviser will take an in-depth look at your current situation and ask questions about the key issues and concerns you have identified. They will also discuss your goals and objectives.

Step 4. Presentation Meeting

At this meeting you will be presented with your personalised Statement of Advice or plan that will outline your Adviser’s recommended strategies for you to achieve your goals and objectives. You r Adviser will go through the Statement of Advice with you to ensure you fully understand the strategies and recommendations being made and their implications.

Step 5. Implementation Phase

Once you have agreed  on a course of action with your Adviser, they will begin the process of implementing those actions that have been agreed upon. Usually this will involve the completion of various applications and other forms.

Step 6. Post Implementation Follow-up

After your strategy has been implemented, your Adviser will follow up with you to ensure you remain happy with the process and to answer any additional questions.

Step 7. Ongoing Review

Your WB Adviser will put in place a review process for your particular needs. These reviews will ensure that your financial plan continues to meet your goals and objectives into the future.

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